Trusted For Quality Ground Shipping Services In Ohio

Ground shipping service is one of the most preferred methods when shipping domestically. You need to be quick, safe, and efficient all at the same time. That is what Wellert Trucking is. 

Goods that can be transported through ground shipping service can range from anything durable to even fast-moving consumer goods. No matter what it is, it needs to be shipped with the utmost care and some with urgency. 

We ensure to fulfill whatever your requirement is.

wellert trucking


Skilled Resources

Wellert Trucking is a house of highly skilled labor who are not only good drivers but are also trained goods handlers and managers in emergency situations. That is what makes us one of the most trusted ground shipping service providers in Ohio.

Centralized Dispatch

Dispatch is done through a centralized system so that there is no room for error and redundancy of instructions and execution. Miscommunication is rooted out altogether. Our customers always stay in the loop with our advanced real-time tracking.

Customer-Centric Service

No business that ignores the customer can succeed in the long run. We don’t provide what we want to, but we provide the kind of ground shipping service that you need. We offer to customize everything so that your job is done in a perfect manner.

Safety Measures

Safety should lie at the heart of all shipping, especially at the heart of ground shipping service where roads can be more than treacherous for heavy vehicles. We take every precaution to make ground shipping safe.

We ensure safety through:

  • Highly technically enable liquid carriers
  • Real-time GPS tracking and communication
  • Default speed and lane monitoring 
  • Camera enables trucks
  • Safety and disaster management to everyone involved in the process
  • Valid comprehensive insurance

Hire the best ground shipping service today.